Passed Rules

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Passed Rules

Post  skitzer on Tue Nov 04, 2008 6:09 pm

Rule 1: A Proposal will pass if it has more "Yes" votes than "No" votes after three days. A Proposal will fail if it has more "No" votes than "Yes" votes after three days. If a Proposal has an equal number of "Yes" and "No" votes, it will continue to exist until a vote is cast either way.
Rule 2: When a player creates a Proposal, they will lose 1 point.
Rule 3: When a Proposal passes, the player that created it will gain 2 points.
Rule 5 - Agreement With Self: The proposer of a proposal automatically votes yes on his or her own proposal, unless the proposer says otherwise.
Rule 6 - Nomia (SubGame):

Under this proposal, a subgame will be created to simulate the founding of a small nation. To handle the details of Nomia, a new forum by the same name will be created.

No leadership positions will exist initially. As an element of the project, a local system of currency will be established, known as the silver coin. All players active at the time of implementation will receive ten silver coins. All future players to join shall receive the same benefits.

The creator of this proposal stresses that all names, uses for currency, leadership positions, and game mechanics will be subject to future legislation.


Contents of the Council Hall:
Those who have a key may add to and remove from the vault at will, simply by posting their intentions in the Council Hall thread. Future legislation may grant keys or appropriate funds for other parts of the subgame.
300 Silver Coins

Contents of the Settlement:
Located in the houses of the town's 20 residents.
50 Silver Coins


No player may build personal property within municipal borders (designated in green on the map below). Players may purchase any open tract of land (designated in tan) for a sum of 100 Silver Coins, payable to the Council vault. Building rules and costs will be determined by the Nomic community in future legislation.

Non-zoned areas cannot be built upon until the legal conditions for doing so are established.

Map Editing:

The map should remain in PNG format at all times to preserve layers. This proposal makes no clear policy on map editing, but future amendment shall choose between a designated cartographer and a communal map (edited by all) within a reasonable amount of time.

The initial map will look like the one below (thumbnail):

Rule 7 - Nomia Citizenship: This rule creates a form to be filled out in order to gain citizenship in Nomia for play therein. This is to make it clear who lives in Nomia, as well as encourage role play inside of Nomia. The form is as follows. Changes to this will be accepted dynamically, so it is recommended that requests for change be made before voting.

Screen Name:
Character Name (Can be the same):

This will also serve to create a Citizenship office in which all applications are to be stored for public record.
Rule 8 - Brainstorming: Under this proposal, players will be permitted to post topics to share, develop and discuss proposals before they are formally submitted to Rule Proposals forum. To contain these topics, a new forum titled "Brainstrorming" shall be created.

Topics within the brainstorming thread must contain the (working) title of the idea being discussed. Initially, there will be no cost to posting a topic with the Brainstorming forum. All players may post within the Brainstorming forum.

If more than three days pass without a reply in a thread within the Brainstorming forum, it will be locked.

The creator of this proposal would like to stress that everything within the Brainstorming thread is still subject to future game mechanics and legistaltion. Therefore, changes to it may be made once it is created.
Rule 9: In the Namia sub-game, to maintain consistency and integrity in the map, a cartographer shall be appointed. It is his/her duty to maintain the map with regards to the selling of land, expansion of territory and placement of buildings and other constructions.

The cartographer shall be chosen through nomination and then vote in the City Council building.

Nominations shall be held for 72 hours. Voting another 72.
Rule 10 - Nomian Map/Tract Revision: The diligent citizens of Nomia have founded their great nation... or at least a humble little village with a well. Oh well. You have to start somewhere.

This proposal would update the map of Nomia City and its environs.

In a recent geological survey of Nomia, the plot directly to the north of Nomia city was measured at slightly more than twice the size of the other tracts. Furthermore, while no permanent intercity connections have been established, the initial Nomia proposition planned for a potential crossroads to fall within this tract.

In light of these findings, the price for the northern plot will be increased to 200 silver coins upon the passing of this proposal.

Another version of the Nomian map is clipped to the proposal manuscript.

Rule 11 - Revised Currency Generation:Any player with a Nomic score greater than or equal to zero shall receive 5 silver coins each time one of their proposals is passed.
Rule 12 - Nomia: Villager Housing:Nomia City's population at the time of this proposal rests at a mere twenty villagers. Expanding the city itself has proven to be an expensive endeavor, but additional housing will help the community and may even prove a worthwhile investment for members of the council.

We've found a merchant who passes through every once in a while, claiming he can get us good prices on bricks and mortar. With a little bit of time, the city should be able to expand its housing district.

Constructing a Small Brick House costs 10 silver coins and brings 3 residents.
Constructing a Large Brick House costs 30 silver coins and brings 10 residents.
Constructing a Brick Apartment Building costs 50 silver coins and brings 20 residents.

If an individual player constructs a house for the community, the cost of the house is lost for two weeks. After this time, the player will receive his/her initial investment back... plus a silver coin in profit from each resident. The house will remain, but it is assumed that the residents now own it completely.

Depending on leadership positions created in the future, some players may be able to invest funds from the council's vault on behalf of the city. Construction of housing will be confined to the main city, as opposed to player-owned land, though this too could change with future legislation.

Any new villager housing will be added to the map pursuant to any existing cartography laws.
Abstract: Makes having points a little less pointless, and allows for future leadership development.

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Re: Passed Rules

Post  skitzer on Mon Nov 24, 2008 4:44 pm

Rule 13 - Appointing of Duke/Duchess: Any player with 10 or more points is eligible for the Duke/Duchess leadership position. Assuming the condition for eligibility has been met, the position automatically goes to the player with the most points. Should another player take the top spot, the position passes immediately to the new leader.

Under this policy, all forum ranks will be changed to reflect citizenship and title.

The Duke/Duchess will be the source of any appointment-based leadership positions created in the future. Until then, he or she simply gets to wear a fancy hat and have a title. The creator of this proposal encourages amendment to link other roles to this one.

Until a Duke/Dutches comes to power the moderators shall step in on all matters which require the position.

Rule 14 - On Matters of Drinking: It has come to the attention of this townsmember and those in his confidence that no real town exists that does not also serve it's members and those visiting from other townships via a tavern.

A tavern would be useful for the locals to get together and discuss the days events. Barter with eachother for supplies and have a good time.

It is also the wish of this townsmember and those in his liking to have the Tavern double as an Inn to help usher in the new waves of townsmen and travelers alike.

It is also to the liking of the proposers that the name of the Tavern/Inn be called Golden River to attest to the purity and abundance of our ales and spirits.

In Short:

A subforum in the sub-game namia shall be created. The name of the subforum shall be "Golden River", the description shall convey the purpose of the subforum, which is: To inform the new and bring together the old in discusion.

If posible the subforum shall also hold 2 subforums. One a welcome subforum to allow newcomers to say hello and get a little help with the more confusing rules that are sure to come. One that shall be used to hold discusions amongst the forum goers about what have they.
Rule 15 - Code of Conduct (Appearance): Just as in life, one would not walk around town nude, one, in Nomic, should not be overly offensive in one's appearance to others.

This rule would restrict one's outward appearance (Hereto known as an "Avatar") to one that does not depict nudity, perversion, or gore, so the forum may remain presentable to a larger audience.
Rule 16 - Player Proposal Limit: A player shall have no more than 5 open proposals at a time."
Rule 17 - Copyright Law: When posting an idea for a proposition in the brainstorming thread, a player may post Copyright before their idea. Any player that proposes a prop. copyrighted by another player loses 4 points. Additionaly if the prop passes, the 2 points are split between the owner of the copyright and the player that posted it.
Rule 18 - Nomia Agricultural Development Act: Nomia City has encountered a serious problem. There's no food. Nobody's starved yet, but everyone's kind of subsisting on whatever they can grow themselves. The same construction merchant who passes through here every once in a while says he can bring in seeds and lumber. I propose we open the agriculture industry to council and individual player development.

Constructing a Farm costs 50 silver coins, plus an upkeep of 10 silver coins per week. Any player controlling a farm will generate silver coins equal to the number of Nomic citizens divided by the number of farms currently in play.

Depending on leadership positions created in the future, some players may be able to invest funds from the council's vault on behalf of the city. Construction of player farms must be on player-owned land, while city farms may be placed anywhere but the tracts.

All farm placement will be subject to existing and future cartography laws.
Rule 19 - DramaNomia Meter: Upon the passing of this proposal, the Duke/Dutchess of Nomia shall select a "Reporter". This "reporter" will in turn post a thread within the Nomia forum entitled "DramaNomia Meter".

The DramaNomia Meter thread shall contain the below image, a brief summary of recent happenings within the nation of Nomia and the current level the Meter is at.

The level of the DramaMeter shall be decided by the Reporter based on what is currently happening within the town and its level of importance.
Rule 20 - Coins: Upon the passing of this proposal, the current form of currency shall be expanded to include Gold and Bronze coins. Ten Bronze coins shall equal one Silver Coin. Five Silver Coins shall equal One Gold Coin. So 50 bronze = 5 silver = 1 gold pieces.
Rule 21 - Nomian Titles Act: Titles will hereby be arranged as follows for all players based on post count:

Visitor - 0
Citizen - 10
Activist - 50
Council Member - 100

The four-tiered system will minimize spamming and will give a newcomers general overview of who's been around for a while.

Upon the passage of this act, skitzer will automatically gain the title Council Chair. Any future moderators will gain the title Committee Chair. Other custom titles will be granted based on leadership positions within Nomia, pursuant to future legislation.
Rule 22 - On Matters of Order: With the growing number of players and the growing number of propositions being created and passing a day it seems that our current mod may get overwhelmed.

Thus I deem that a player is placed into position such that they over see the maintenance, cleaning and declaration of proposals and and their forums.

It will be this player's duty to move passed and failed proposals to the proper place, to declare proposals passed or failed and to update lists in regards to those duties.

The Player set to this task shall be nominated by the player base and selected from the nominations by current mod.

Nominations shall last 72 hours.
Rule 23 - On Matters of Land: With the institution of rule 12 it has come to the attention of me and my associates that there is no formal place that such business may occur. With that in mind I propose that a wing be added to the town hall to deal with such additions as housing and land. The wing shall be headed by a housing director for the city and shall keep records of all puchasings of houses and the returns of such buildings along with such things as population until such a time as it is deemed of enough importance to gain it's own wing.

The head of the wing should be appointed by the Duke or Dutches of the fair Nomia and will hold office until they retire, are sent away by 2/3 majority or are sent away by the Duke or Dutches.

In Short a sub-forum shall be created for the purpose of stating intent to build houses and to display returns on such houses along with keeping record of the population.
Rule 24 - Clothing Industry and Free Trade: Under this proposal, a market square shall be developed in an appropriate location to be determined by the cartographer, and the citizens shall be allowed to offer their goods and services within its bounds. A forum shall be created in Nomia, in which a player can post an action as follows:

Give 10 silver coins to Cybele.

This proposal will have the effect of making silver coins transferable from one player to another, as well as any reasonably tangible commodities and items. In its initial form, the proposal will not attempt to designate a trade arbiter or escrow agent, but these may be viable options for future legislation.

This policy creates commodities, so the market square is just a way to make sure they can be freely traded. Again, leaving it open w/regard to the specifics.

This policy also introduces a new clothing industry, and an appropriately-titled Nomia subforum will be created to allow players to manage those factories which require an active choice.

(For example, "Convert 1 cotton and 10 coins into 1 crate of textiles")

Cotton Farm - Costs 50 silver coins, plus 10 per week to maintain. 1 crate of cotton/wk.
Textile Mill - Costs 75 silver coins. 1 cotton + 10 coins = 1 crate of textiles.
Clothing Factory - Costs 125 silver coins. 1 textile + 10 coins = 1 crate of clothing.

Clothing may be redeemed for 50 silver coins and 1 point per crate.

This might encourage some interesting business between players; some of us might save up and build a full path through the tree, while others might put together cooperative efforts. I'm seeing points as recognition for a community contribution, and in this case an encouragement to develop one's business.

To cover the costs of this policy, 50 silver coins shall be removed from the city vault.

To create a Rule Proposal, go to Rule Proposals.

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Re: Passed Rules

Post  chenhsi on Thu Nov 27, 2008 9:27 pm

Rule 25 - On Matters of Retirement: It has come to this esteemed member of the community's attention that there is no set rule describing the removal of people from office. As such I deem it necessary to draw up another proposal.

This rule shall put forth that any position among the nomian community shall be subject to three forms of dismissal. They will hold office until they retire, are sent away by 2/3 majority or are sent away by the Duke or Dutches.

It also wishes to establish that all rules that already have or will have different rules regarding such matters shall take precedent over this rule.

So it is written; So shall it be.

To create a Rule Proposal, go to Rule Proposals.

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Re: Passed Rules

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