Passed Amendments

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Passed Amendments

Post  skitzer on Tue Nov 04, 2008 6:03 pm

Amendment 1 - Amend Equality: If the current Rule Proposition 1: Equality passes, then its wording is revised to the following: "Any proposal that mentions a specific player's name, other than skitzer, are null."

Amendment 2:prop 16 curently reads
"Any player with a Nomic score greater than or equal to zero shall receive 10 silver coins each time one of their proposals is passed."

I propose the number of silver coins awarded be ammended to 5 upon the pasage of this amendment.

Amendment 3: An addition shall be made to rule 13 which states:
"Until a Duke/Dutches comes to power the moderators shall step in on all matters which require the position."

To create an Amendment Proposal, go to Amendment Proposals.

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